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Anamma, a wastepicker since childhood, is now a confident entrepreneur in her forties, is running a Dry Waste Collection Center (DWCC). Born into a waste picking family, she was married at 20 and continues the same work with her husband.

As a member of Hasiru Dala, she received managerial training and employs four waste pickers at her DWCC. As a result she has been able to guarantee herself income, thereby changing her family’s life. Despite facing immense difficulty she has been able to put her son through school, where he is on the verge of graduating with an A+ average.

The occupational identity card that Hasiru Dala gave her has changed her life. When once she had to spend rainy nights under makeshift tents of sticks and plastic sheets, and scorching hot days, searching for scrap, she now has health care and scholarships for her children. This card is only the beginning of the transformation that Anamma has experienced – there is much more waiting in store.